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Political Incorrectness

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

After visiting a friend’s place the other night I picked up a book he received for Christmas: The Bumper Book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes. Flicking through it I noticed pretty much every social, cultural, and personality class is taken a stab at so I can’t exactly say the book is biased. However the interesting thing I noted was that as I read through some of the jokes my type of laughter varied. Sometimes it was a straight out typical ‘oh that is so funny’ laugh, then there were those ‘oohhh that’s nasty funny’ laughs. Afterwards I thought about my reactions and came to the conclusion that my laughs varied depending on how offended I believed the targeted segment would be.

From a broader perspective, racism, sexism, religious attacks – they are all born out of the sensitivities of the segment at hand; the more sensitive a particular group is the more of an ‘issue’ the type of insult or stereotype is. And as a result society becomes ‘soft’ so not to upset the sensitives.

Simply put: they all need to harden up… so I can check out how much further volume 2 can push the boundaries