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Generation Y’s Literary Legacy

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

When reflecting on what insightful nuggets of knowledge have shaped our views of the world it is truly a wonderful faculty to be able to quote such works, whether it be a renown novel, a breakthrough journal or an insightful article. The victories of each generation are a reflection of the works that came before them.

But for us millennials and the generations following where are our works finding their home? Social media and networking is facilitating a wealth of ideas and experiences in ways never before imaginable, but with text flowing through like a rapid current where will the people of tomorrow quote our ideas and values if the words we write don’t stay still?

Perhaps it’s time for us to log off Facebook and log on paper…

Raise (the standard of) Awareness

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Ever have an opinion, where in your mind it makes such an unprecedented level of sense that anyone that disagrees with you must simply be a fool? Well, chances are you are right, lots of ideas in this world make sense and it’s no surprise you just happen to have one, or two, or more of them. Or maybe you know someone who has a great idea or two that you’d like to spread. But how to push them forward?

The trick is to start a movement. And there are 2 ways to start one: you can either spam a message to as many people as possible and pray that it sticks; or, you can communicate sincerely to people that have the capability to make a difference.

One of these methods relies on hope and luck. The other, works.