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Planning – Is It The Right Way To Go?

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Well the short answer to the title of this post is ‘it depends’ but what is an interesting scenario to look at more deeply is ‘what happens when everything goes according to plan?’

And I don’t mean at a task or project level but at a long-term personal goal level. Say in recent history you’ve obtained your university degree, landed a fairly decent job at a reputable company, built up a portfolio of some sort and are on your way to securing what ever awaits for you at the finish line – a new home, marriage and/or promotion. It’s a rather rosy picture and I believe it is one that many would like to or have painted. And I can only imagine the feelings at the end: relief, pride, happiness.

But I ask you to think back at some of your most memorable and cherished memories. Were they planned¬†occurrences? Was there a sense of excitement? For a brief passage of time where the variables are just right you can experience something very special. But they don’t need to be confined to just moments. The winds of passion can set you on course to discoveries about yourself you may never have experienced if you did things ‘according to plan’.

So while ‘it depends’ on whether to plan or not, just remember about the alternative. It’s not all that scary.

Reactivate Your Curiosity

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

The world is such a rich and vibrant place filled with hundreds of cultures, landmarks, foods and people yet we only get to sample the most minute fraction of it in our lives.¬†However, while we typically sample only a droplet of what the ocean of the human race and planet offer we’re not too far from having the capacity to be curious again.

Once upon a time you viewed the world with open eyes and absorbed so many wonders, and maybe even tragedies, yet as an adult that drive is depressed. This is natural to some extent – our life expectancy has rapidly overtaken the time it takes for the brain to fully develop (approximately 21 years). So it’s no wonder that 60-odd years of life is spent where the brain is simply…on idle. Sure, we continue to learn bits and pieces that come our way but it can be all too passive. With so many marketing efforts bombarding us with ads and expectations of the 9-5 grind it’s too easy to just give up and be consumed.

So don’t forget to question. ‘Why?’ is a remarkably powerful tool. It may lead you to new passions, people and love. It can lead you to new directions, exciting adventures or even a fresh view of the past. Don’t be afraid. The rabbit hole is there to fall into.