It Pays The Bills and Keeps You Busy

“As long as you’re enjoying it”

I often find myself and others say this when someone talks about their job. But when I say it, I lie.

Think of it this way – imagine if everyone in the world only did their 40 hour weeks for their own enjoyment. Where would our Mother Teresas, Nelson Mandelas, Martin Luther King Jrs and Mahatma Gandhis be? While it can’t be expected that everyone and anyone rise up and be humanitarians I don’t think it’s unreasonable for each of us to think for a moment about what we are doing to help our fellow man, woman and child. Even if it is something small.

“As long as we enjoy it”

3 Responses to “It Pays The Bills and Keeps You Busy”

  1. adamaxon Says:

    Perhaps we need to as individuals consider the thought that practicing compassion and altruism is an effective way to cultivate our own enjoyment?

    It will help others, but it will also help ourselves

  2. Will Says:

    I agree. But in order for that to happen something needs to trigger those sorts of questions to be asked. Even something as simple as having a subject at high school for ethics and humanity to get the ball rolling.

    Not everyone has the curiosity to explore for such nuggets of insight like those found on Zen Habits or Seth Godin's blog.

  3. adamaxon Says:

    Indeed Willow, what we are talking about here is creating a culture of Altruism throughout a society. I actually love this concept, we should meet to discuss this further. I want to take some actions on it.

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